Town of Silver Plume

est. 1870
Elevation 9116'
Population 203*
(and several dogs)

About UsMeet the People Behind This Legendary Town

Sam McCloskey


Mr. McCloskey was elected as mayor in 2020.  He and his family followed the dream to be engineers on some the country's oldest railroad steam engines.  He can be found tinkering away in the Georgetown Loop Railroad shop or testing his skills of patience in one of our many town meetings. Silver Plume's mayor is a volunteer position and we count ourselves fortunate to be able to rely on the gifts and talents that Mr. McCloskey brings to the table. 

(303) 578-9228



Tammy Sanford

Town Clerk

In 2014, after her tenure as the town clerk for Georgetown, Tammy took over the same challenging position for the town of Silver Plume.  As one of only two town employees, she has become a cornerstone of the community and plays an absolutely crucial role in keeping everything running smoothly.  You can usually find Tammy at the Town Hall M-Th from 10am-1pm.  If you can't find her, call mountain rescue, she may just be buried under an avalanche of paperwork.  You can reach Tammy at:

(303) 578-9228 or




Tai Graham

Public Works Director

In 2018, Silver Plume decided it was time to spruce things up a bit.  For issues regarding public properties and town assets, you can find Tai roaming around the streets or in the town workshop.  If you need assistance from the town for any kind of maintenance needs, you can reach our Public Works Department at: 

(303) 578-9228 or  


Board of Trustees

Sarah Walen

Mayor pro tem

Christian Frey


Marty Gitlin


Kathy Grubbs


Sahsa Regester


Frank Young


Snaps of Silver Plume